Breaking up is hard to do: Sonia Aggarwal Blocks Us After Repeated Calls for her Ethics Forms

Former Biden climate advisor Sonia Aggarwal has decided she has had enough of our calls for her ethics forms and has blocked us on Twitter.

Aggarwal joined the Biden Administration in January 2021 as a Senior Advisor for Climate Policy and Innovation. There she oversaw a project to reduce greenhouse gas pollution by 50-52% from 2005 levels in 2030. She advocated for reducing U.S. emissions at the rate recommended by climate change experts. The climate policies she promoted fund clean energy “innovations” at the Department of Energy. “Innovations” such as replacing school buses with zero-emission alternatives and creating “neighborhood equity programs” for clean air. Aggarwal is returning to San Francisco to become Energy Innovation Policy and Technology CEO. Energy Innovation seeks to make strides in increasing electric vehicle usage through the 2030s– by promoting government tax credit incentives for consumers.

We will miss her twitter feed where she was a cheerleader for the destruction of energy sector jobs.