The Doctor is out: White House Chief Science Officer enters retirement until next pandemic

Dr. David Kessler, Chief Science Officer in the Biden Administration, is retiring. Kessler served on Biden’s transition team to oversee the Trump Administration’s “Operation Warp Speed” vaccine rollout program. Serving as FDA commissioner from 1990-1997, Kessler worked to reduce the time required to approve or reject new drugs. The Biden team tapped him as a suitable co-chair of the COVID-19 Advisory Board to ensure that mRNA vaccines were rushed and distributed to 330 million people without requiring ample time to test and evaluate efficacy and potential side effects. While Dr. Kessler did not share the same spotlight as Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Rachel Levin, Kessler was described as the coordinator behind erecting vaccination sites and distributing new booster shots. As the federal vaccine rollout drew to a close, Kessler was responsible for working with drug companies to set affordable prices. Kessler has not articulated next steps, as he is waiting for the next pandemic to come out of retirement.