Who’s Behind the Government’s Censorship Apparatus: Part 2

The second in a series of articles on the people behind the censorship machine scandal.

Part 2: The “Disinformation Experts”

The public-private partnership that constitutes the government’s censorship apparatus is part of an insidious intrusion into Americans’ civil rights. In Part 1 we highlighted the U.S. government’s outsourced censorship “stars.” exposing five actors working to censor Americans using taxpayer dollars. In Part 2, we continue to explore some of the biggest “disinformation experts” who themselves have often been major purveyors of what we have to come learn were some of the most effective disinformation campaigns in recent history.

In retrospect, it appears clear that Donald Trump’s 2016 election victory shook the deep state and foreign policy establishment to the core. In the following years, many aggrieved actors in this space helped set up a government censorship apparatus that is unparalleled in American history. Opinions that were critical of the government and highlighted perceived fraud and misconduct but were constitutionally protected, were fact-checked, buried or “nuked out of existence” as the Department of Homeland Security, among others, gave their stamp of approval.

The extent of the massive taxpayer-funded and government-blessed censorship scandal is still unfolding. Meanwhile, the censorship apparatus continues to thrive and proceed full speed ahead. The victims – almost always leading conservative voices and news outlets. The proponents – overwhelmingly progressive organizations and former Democratic party operatives and political appointees. The funders – you, the taxpayer. Here are five more individuals outside the federal government acting as agents of the U.S. government, taking your money to stop your constitutionally-protected speech.

  1. Camille Francois – Chief Innovation Officer at Graphika, which has received extensive grants from DOD and other government agencies that have tended to intersect with election and COVID-related censorship efforts. Previously worked in the “disinformation” space while at Jigsaw, an outgrowth of Google, and also at Harvard University.
  2. Ben Nimmo – previously at the Atlantic Council’s DFR Lab and then Director of Investigations at Graphika, Nimmo has moved to Facebook to be their team leader of Global Threat Intelligence. In 2019, he led a training for a roomful of vetted international journalists on how to spot “disinformation” in tweets by then-President Donald Trump and in ads promoting Brexit. Senior journalists were encouraged to hold up placards reading “Bullsh*t” as Trump tweets and Brexit slogans played across the screen.
  3. Eric Rosenbach – former Chief of Staff to Secretary of Defense Ash Carter under President Obama from 2015-2017. He is now at the Harvard Belfer Center, which personally trained state and local election officials to become censorship zealots in webinar sessions and promoted D3P’s “Playbooks” (Part 1, Part 2) to create a “Mis/Disinformation Response Plan”.
  4. Robbie Mook – former Clinton campaign manager, funder of the Steele Dossier which falsely claimed that the Trump 2016 campaign colluded with Russia. This disinformation campaign led to the Mueller Report and years of domestic strife that ultimately became a poster-child for true disinformation. Recruited by Eric Rosenbach to join the Harvard Belfer Center.
  5. Vijaya Gadde – top lawyer at Twitter who famously promoted censorship of the hashtag “#LearnToCode” on Joe Rogan’s podcast in March 2019, led the internal Twitter decision to ban President Trump’s Twitter account in January 2021, and vociferously opposed Elon Musk’s proposal to roll back Twitter censorship policies. She now sits on CISA’s subcommittee led by Kate Starbird with responsibility for coordinating censorship efforts with social media companies.


The ties of the administration to the entities and individuals involved in the censorship scheme are even more direct. According to their financial disclosures, available via the website, nearly 100 officials serving in the administration have connections to Harvard (51), Stanford (12), Facebook (11), University of Washington (10), Atlantic Council and Twitter (six each).