Woke Activists to Advise New Woke Treasury Committee

This week Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen created the Treasury Advisory Committee on Racial Equity. According to the press release:

The first-of-its-kind committee will provide advice and recommendations to Secretary Yellen and Deputy Secretary Wally Adeyemo on efforts to advance racial equity in the economy and address acute disparities for communities of color.

According to a Fox News article. Felicia Wong, the Vice Chair, has some radical views:

Wong is a former executive at the Democracy Alliance, a network of liberal megadonors founded in part by billionaire George Soros. Since 2012, she has led the Roosevelt Institute, a liberal think tank that wants to abolish for-profit prisons, reimagine capitalism, and put racial justice at the “center” of all government policymaking.

Last year, the Roosevelt Institute published a report co-authored by Wong, titled, “A New Paradigm for Justice and Democracy,” which argued that “all policy, from vaccine distribution to higher education funding to tax reform, will have racialized effects. Recognizing this reality, and always considering race in policy design, is therefore vital.”

Felicia Wong, Vice Chair, Treasury Advisory Committee on Racial Equity (FoxNews.com)

The Chairman is former Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter, who famously created Philly’s sanctuary city status.

The remaining members are:

Nicole Anand
Janie Barrera
Nicole Borromeo
Dorothy Brown
Bill Bynum
David Clunie
Gary Cunningham
Nicole Elam
John Friedman
Gilbert Garcia
Bulbul Gupta
Darrick Hamilton
Michael McAfee
Michael Mieback
Gina Nisbeth
Lorella Praeli
Jose Quinonez
Carlos Rangel
Valerie Red-Horse Mohl
Amanda Renteria
Josh Rogers
Chilling Tong
Barika X. Williams

Although this committee will be advising the Secretary of the Treasury on policy issues, current regulations mean they likely will not have to file financial disclosures.